Hong Kong Interschool Mediation Tournament 2022

5-6 March 2022
To promote the idea of "mediation", the Department of Law and Business co-hosted the Second Hong Kong Interschool Mediation Tournament with the Hong Kong Schools Mooting and Mock Trial Association on 5-6 March 2022. More than 40 participants from 12 secondary schools in Hong Kong Participated in the event.
This two-day Tournment aims at promoting mediation through education, interactions and rounds of games that tested students' learning and understanding of what mediation is. Students were given chances to "act" as mediatiors in the rounds of role-play exercises, from which they were given an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they had learned in the beginning of the Tournament. It is again amazing to see how engaged students were in the games.

We are gateful to students from SYU and other lasw schools in Hong Kong in their enthusiastic participation as Group Leaders and role-players. We feel also thankful to have a rich pool of alumni joining us as judges in the final rounds of role-play games. It is another year of success this time despite being held on zoom, and we look forward to seeing students from different schools joining us next time, hopefully face-to-face.