Our graduates are equipped with special skills in law and professional business practices, therefore they can choose from a diverse range of professions to develop their careers in the business environment. While some of them will further their education in law and become lawyers, others are working in various sectors including banking, risk and compliance, company secretary, legal executives, and other legal practice or law enforcement organizations.

Graduates’ stories

"I was never sure of what career I wanted to pursue when I first graduated secondary school, but luckily my time studying in Law and Business helped me realize my passion towards law. The Department offered me with various kinds of exposure to the field of law, such as mooting and legal internship experiences. These activities strengthened my soft skills and widened my horizons. For example, my research and writing skills have improved greatly due to the mooting exercises every year. In fact, the Department has always been very supportive to students’ development. I treasure all these invaluable experiences provided as they have equipped me for my further studies in JD (Juris Doctor) and PCLL (Postgraduate Certificate in Law). I am very happy to have been part of the Law and Business family, and I look forward to my legal profession career in the future."

 Vicky Lau, graduate, 2018

“Graduated in 2016, I have been working in the legal industry for 4 years focusing on SFC Licensing and Compliance. The training in SYU has equipped me with a multitude of skills in both legal and business areas. The moot training laid a solid foundation of my communication and presentation skills. The training in legal research and law subjects improved my analytical and logical reasoning. These skills are essential soft skills needed at work. The law and business background distinct me from other colleagues and eventually I can get around 50% pay increase over the 4 years!

Aimee Chan, graduate, 2016


“I am currently a first year Trainee Solicitor at a corporate law firm. The Department of Law and Business programme has provided me with invaluable opportunities to gain hands-on experience in legal research, writing and advocacy, and a platform to get to know about the legal profession and the business environment by taking part in different conferences and events in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The step-by-step learning design of the programme also laid a solid foundation in my legal knowledge. Professors at the Department are also highly supportive and that encouraged me to pursue my career in the legal field."

Max Lui, graduate, 2016


“Having graduated from the Department in 2015, I have joined the Government for five years where I have been engaged in the Department of Legal Aid and the Official Receiver’s Office. I have acquired the professional qualifications as an accredited mediator during the course of my studies which undoubtedly further enhanced my interpersonal communication skills. I consider that the training offered by the Department served as a strong foundation as one of the most crucial contributing factors in my development in an ever-changing contemporary society."

Alex Ching, graduate, 2015 

Studying law and business in HKSYU enables me to secure a job in the banking industry and a place in my pursuit in a law programme. I am also trained to be confident during mooting exercise which are essential particularly when I have my job interview. Most importantly, I have had a very happy and fruitful four-year here, having made some life-long friends who are my buddies in my career and my life.”
Ocean Leung, graduate, 2015