It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Law is much related to many areas of work and life, yet the study of it at undergraduate level looks remote to many, probably because of the high entrance threshold imaginable. Following the footsteps of Dr Hu, our President, we hope to provide an alternative, and a hope, for those who have yearned-for learning law, yet uncertain of the academic capacity required.

It is one of our aims to make it accessible to study law in the context of a new modern business world.  This is especially so in the ever-growing challenges in the world where the application of technology forcefully compels us to adapt to a dramatically new mode of operation in every walk of life. Studying law will enhance our business intelligence. 

Our Programme has carved out a niche of its own in providing a balance in the study of law and business courses that are tailored for emerging professional needs in laws applicable in commercial operations, including risk and compliance, corporate governance and secretaryship, dispute resolution, and more.

During the course of study, students will have a lot of choices to make about how to spend their time, and who to spend it with. The people we spend the most time with have the ability to mould us and help us to become the people we aspire to be. We are providing the opportunities in various activities for students to meet professionals, and to challenge themselves with something that they have never experienced, such as advocating in a court room. The experience of failures helps pacing small steps that will make a difference in life. 

We have a team of teachers from a diversified background, allowing students to learn academic, practical, and different professional practices. Our faculty members are devoted to teaching and research especially from an interdisciplinary perspective to keep up with rapid societal changes. Our humble devotion to research will hopefully instil into students a sense of humility and ethical attitude, something that cannot simply be taught. In 4 years, we will walk with students who will become more self-driven, creative and analytical, professional, and committed. These cannot be shown by a mere GPA, but a proven record of enriching university life filled with committed works, be it an attainment or an adversity. Welcome onboard this meaningful journey!