Emeritus Professor

Name Title Phone Room Email
Prof. Ned AUGHTERSON Emeritus Professor (852) 2104-8200
Senior Professor of Practice

Name Title Phone Room Email
Prof. WONG Kwai-Huen, SBS, BBS, JP Senior Professor of Practice RHB 430
Honorary Professors

Name Title Phone Room Email
Dr. LI Kwok-Nang, Andrew Honorary Professor
Teaching Staff

Name Title Phone Room Email
Dr. LUI Chit-Ying, Wendy Assistant Academic Vice President & Head of Department, Assistant Professor (852) 2804-8515 RHB 427
Dr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip Assistant Professor (852) 2804-8524 RHB 426
Dr. LAW Sau-Wai, Samuel Assistant Professor (852) 2804-8518 RHB 429
Mr. CHAN Shiu-Chung, John Lecturer (852) 2804-8517 RHB 428
Dr. CHIU Man-Chung Andy Visiting Associate Professor (852) 2804-8551 RHB 424
Mr. CHEE Ming-Hin, Aman Part-time lecturer
Mr. FONG Yan-Hon, Enoch Part-time lecturer
Mr. NG Yu-Wai, Magnum Part-time Lecturer
Mr. SO Shun-Yan, Simon Part-time lecturer
Faculty Affilates

Name Title Phone Room Email
Dr. Kelly Zhengmin PENG Associate Professor (852) 2804 8542 RHB 439
Dr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina Assistant Professor (852) 2804 8509 RHB410
Mr. WONG Fuk Kin, Joe Senior Lecturer (852) 2804 8531 RHB 438

Administration Staff

Name Title Phone Room Email
Ms. PANG Yan-Yan, Shirley Executive Assistant (852) 2806 5119 RHB 305