The Department of Law and Business

The four-year full-time Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Law and Business has been offered by the Department since September 2007, with the first cohort of students graduated in 2011. Graduates of this programme have developed well in their career, many are law-related professional practices such as risk and compliance in the banking and finance sector.

The success of the Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Law and Business programme stems from the balanced approach to education that it offers. The programme offers a broad range of courses reflecting the diverse teaching and research interests of our staff. Students of the programme have many opportunities for learning beyond the classroom which helps them to identify a career pathway and build the necessary expertise to pursue that pathway. The wide range of opportunities that students will experience include mooting, internships, court visits, overseas exchanges and study tours.

The Department have received the generous support from a number of esteemed members of the government, judiciary, legal profession, and business community. The Advisory Board Members, External Advisors, Moot Judges, Intern Masters and Adjunct Professors have continued their service and support, which is instrumental to the ongoing success of students and graduates of the programme.

The unique experience provided by the programme thoroughly prepares students for the next stage in their professional lives. Whatever pathway our graduates pursue, they will be well equipped to meet the challenges that they may face on the way to a rewarding and successful career.